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About Us

Making a difference in the lives of students of determination, The Rashid Centre for students of Determination, was established in 1994.

Since opening, we have been faced with many challenges to achieve the State’s strategy and the vision of its wise government, which did not only look at this category but also created a vision of faith, empowerment, employment and integration for the students.

The Rashid Center for the determined ones was established in 1994

Mariam Othman, CEO

What do we do?

We work individually with each family to
understand their specific needs

Welcome to the Senior Team

Sandra Ugalde

Head Teacher

Shaima Al-Haj Hasan

Head of Physiotherapy Department

Marie Therese Abi Akel

Head of Speech and Language Therapy

Chompa Muthanna

Head of Middle School and ILG Department

Contact us

    ADDRESSAl barsha 1, Behind Mall of the Emirates,
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    +971 4 340 0005


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